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Wigan’s Alloy Restore team have years of experience and we will restore your alloys back to their showroom condition using state of the art techniques. Experts with diamond cut wheel repair and powder coating, we are fast, affordable and very reliable. WhatsApp message or call us now on: 01204 575797 or just fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

POWDER COATING PROCESSalloy repair manchester

  1. We take the tyre from your wheel and give it a pressure wash which makes sure that all the grime and street debris is removed and your alloy is clean before the next stage of treatment.
  2. Secondly, your alloy is put into a gentle chemical solution to clear the old paint layers away and give us a clear and fresh surface to work on.
  3. Next, they are sanded to remove any damage or rough areas – which we need for the powder coating to look good.
  4. The final part of the preparation is to shot-blast the wheels to remove any corrosion and aid the powder particles adhesion to the surface.
  5. The powder coating is then applied using compressed air and an electrode to make sure that every part of the alloy is covered.
  6. The last part of the powder coating process, the alloy is put into the curing oven – this gives it a smooth and durable finish. The curing creates a long-lasting surface which resists stone chips, wear and tear, and any other damage.


To put your alloy through the diamond cut process, we have to start the preparation with a powder coating which you can see in the paragraph above. Following that, we are able to place it on the CNC machine and then programme in the diamond cut pattern. After the cutting is complete, we clean, cure and apply an anti-corrosive finish. Finally, we lacquer and cure it once more.


Why settle for a standard colour on your alloys? We can paint them any colour you like using our SMART techniques and alloy paint.

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