Cracked Alloy Repairs & Welding


Low profile tyres and pot holes in today’s roads means there is a higher incidence of cracked wheels. Whether the damage is minor or significant we can repair your cracked alloy wheels no problem!

A cracked alloy wheel is a real safety concern so don’t ignore any signs and it’s good practice to inspect your wheels every month or so.

You may be wondering if you need to replace the entire wheel which would be the more costly option but a welding repair may be suitable. Contact us to find out.


The cracking of an alloy wheel usually starts with a fine fracture on the outside of the rim exposed to the road or kerb. Pressure through regular driving and weather corrosion can sometimes cause these hairline cracks to become much bigger.


Any damage to alloy wheels will spoil the appearance of the vehicle but with maintenance, you can stop any serious corrosion and damage. Unfortunately, with a cracked alloy, the only option for repair is to have it welded.

Here at Alloy Restore, we carry out all alloy wheel repairs. Our expertise means you can have peace of mind that a quality alloy crack repair has been carried out by experienced technicians.

Click for cosmetic alloy wheel repairs and powder coating.


First, we remove the cracked alloy wheel from your vehicle and remove the tyre. After we’ve inspected the wheel it is cleaned then the crack welded to repair the damage. Once we’re happy with the repair and it’s passed our quality control we fit new valves and wheels will be digitally balanced.

Cracked alloy wheels can normally be repaired the same day but dependent on the severity may take a little longer.


Here at Alloy Restore, we offer you quality repair work, so you can be confident of a high-quality service.

Our Manchester workshop is open 6 days a week Monday through to Saturday. Simply drop your vehicle off at a time to suit you, morning or afternoon. On average most repairs can be completed on the same day (if dropped off early morning) but we will always advise you of the expected time frame.

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