Alloy Wheel Refurbishment / Repair


Are your car or van alloys starting to look scruffy with scratches and scuffs? We transform scuffed, scratched and chipped alloys restoring them back to original showroom condition!

Whether it’s just the one or all four look no further than Alloy Restore. Based in Bolton, near Manchester we repair and restore your alloy wheels back to new condition and make your vehicle look smart again.

One of the best things you can do for exterior vehicle maintenance is taken good care of its alloy wheels. Over time they can become worn looking and spoil the overall appearance, even with general driving conditions. Having shiny and scuff free alloys really makes a difference to aesthetics, especially if you’re looking to sell and get the best price.

More than likely you’ve chipped or scuffed your alloy wheels whilst parking. This is the most common cause of alloy damage we see. It’s all too easy to get too close to a kerb and before you know it, the damage has occurred to the rim and paint finish.

Our team of repairers here at Alloy Restore carry out the best alloy refurbishment process in Manchester. And because we solely specialise in only alloy wheels you can be guaranteed to receive the best price and experienced technicians.


Alloy repair costs range from £45 per wheel upwards dependent on the damage and how long the repair work will take. For an accurate price please include a photo with your enquiry which can easily be done with your phone’s camera.


Our wheel refurbishment process is designed to obtain the best possible finish for your alloys.

After we’ve carefully removed the damaged alloy from your vehicle we start off by expertly sanding away any scuffs, scratches and chips. Any major damage is filled using our specialist resin which helps us to reconstruct the surface so the fresh paint will stick to it. Next, prior to painting, we apply our quality primer.

Once the repaired area is ready for painting we colour match the paint to the exact manufacturer’s colour code. Using a spray gun the area is sprayed and blended for a perfect application.

Finally, before leaving to dry under infrared heat lamps a clear lacquer is applied to seal the paint. Once dry we buff to give a high gloss finish and have your alloy fully refurbished and looking like new again!



Here at Alloy Restore, we offer you quality repair work, so you can be confident of a high-quality service.

Our Manchester workshop is open 6 days a week Monday through to Saturday. Simply drop your vehicle off at a time to suit you, morning or afternoon. On average most repairs can be completed on the same day (if dropped off early morning) but we will always advise you of the expected time frame.

To find out more simply request a quote or call us on
01204 57 57 97