Alloy Wheel Stripping & Shot Blasting


Alloy wheels can become corroded over time through kerb damage, stone chips and through general driving conditions. Any minor damage will eventually lead to corrosion if left untreated and when this happens a more aggressive technique is needed to repair the damage.

If your alloy wheels are in really bad condition, have corroded or rusted do not fear as we can repair them. Through our expertise and professional alloy repair methods, we can refurbish and restore your wheels back to pristine condition. Avoiding the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of a full wheel replacement.


Shot blasting is used during the powder coat process to key the prepared surface for adhesion. The shot blasting method involves removing any corrosion, rust, scale and loose paint using an abrasive material through a jet nozzle under pressure from compressed air. Once the surface is treated it is then ready for re-coating with Spray Painting or Powder Coating.

Another method for removing paint and corrosion is to soak the alloy in a high strength acid bath. This is a more modern technique and is great if you want to have your wheels painted in a totally different colour. We have a range of colours to choose from, simply get in touch for more information.

shot blasting
shot blasting


Here at Alloy Restore, we offer you quality repair work, so you can be confident of a high-quality service.

Our Manchester workshop is open 6 days a week Monday through to Saturday. Simply drop your vehicle off at a time to suit you, morning or afternoon. On average most repairs can be completed on the same day (if dropped off early morning) but we will always advise you of the expected time frame.

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