Diamond Cut Wheels


Our specialist technicians operate highly advanced CNC Diamond Cutting lathes that fully repair and refurbish.

The Diamond Cut finish is a superior and stunning look for alloy wheels. Many cars have them and many manufacturers nowadays choose to have them as standard on their vehicles. Diamond cut wheels have a two tone look with the front face being a bright, bare metal finish, with clear coat over it, and a painted/powder coated inner spoke/dish colour, which is normally silver, grey or black. Get a Quote Here.

You can tell if your alloys are diamond cut on close inspection by looking for very fine lines on the surface created by the cutting machine. They’ll also be very shiny which is why many people choose this type of alloy wheel as they offer a fine finish. The easiest way to tell is to see if they look like the mirrored surface on the back of a Compact Disc.


The only downside with this type of alloy is that it needs special care and service to maintain them. Here at Alloy Restore, we have the specialist machinery and experienced technicians to ensure the refurbishment process is carried out to a very high standard for a quality finish.

Corrosion in diamond cut wheels is common as the polished surface can be susceptible to stone chips. Over time this minor damage can allow water to seep behind the lacquer leading to deterioration. Look out for any milky cloudy appearance regularly to ensure you catch any damage early.

If you have spotted any damage don’t look any further than Alloy Restore. We can remove any corrosion on your diamond cut wheels and re-finish for an even stronger protection against future damage.

Typically, the repair process for diamond cut alloys takes a little longer than a powder coat refurbishment and cannot simply be ‘touched up’. This type of repair is carried out at our Bolton Workshop.


Your damaged alloys will be removed from your vehicle then stripped using a chemical solution, if heavily corroded, this removes all paint and lacquer prior to the refurbishment process. The wheels then go through either, the powder coat, or, wet paint process, to give the dish and inner spokes their colour. After the wheel has been cured it is then mounted onto our CNC machine where our skilled CNC operatives write a profile on the computer to match the diamond cut surface. The wheel then is diamond cut, shaving tiny amounts from the surface with precision, machined to give it the bright, diamond cut finish. We are Bolton & Manchester’s number 1 diamond cutting alloy wheel repair service.

The alloy now has a smooth powder coated and diamond cut two-tone finish. The wheel is cleaned once again and then placed into our powder application facility where an anti-corrosive, durable, acrylic clear powder coat is then applied.

Finally, the wheels are returned to the oven for one final curing process.



Diamond cutting can be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel and combined with an application of base coat paint can produce some spectacular finishes! We can also use candy lacquers over the diamond cut surface to make your wheels stand out even more!!

Contact us today if you have an idea in mind and would like to see if your alloys would be suitable.


Here at Alloy Restore, we offer you quality repair work, so you can be confident of a high-quality service.

Our Manchester workshop is open 6 days a week Monday through to Saturday. Simply drop your vehicle off at a time to suit you, morning or afternoon. On average most repairs can be completed on the same day (if dropped off early morning) but we will always advise you of the expected time frame.

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