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Finding a reliable and knowledgeable expert to repair and renovate your alloys can be a hit and miss experience, but you are in safe hands with Warrington’s Alloy Restore. Fast, affordable and reliable, we have years of experience with alloy restoration and our technicians are experts in their field. Give us a call now for a free no-obligation quote from our diamond cut and powder coating specialists.

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POWDER COATING PROCESSalloy repair manchester

  1. Your tyre is removed from the wheel and the alloy is given a pressure wash to ensure that all the street dirt and debris is cleared away. When your alloy is clean, we then move to the next stage of treatment.
  2. We use a gentle chemical solution to strip the old paint layers away to give us a fresh and clear surface to work with.
  3. Your alloys are then sanded to smooth out any damaged or uneven areas. This also helps the powder coating to look good.
  4. The last part of preparation is to remove any corrosion with a shot-blast. this helps the powder particles to stick too.
  5. Using compressed air and an electrode, we apply the powder coating. The process helps the powder particles to cover every part of the alloy.
  6. To finish off the process, we put the alloy into our curing oven to give it a smoother and more long-lasting surface which protects against stone chips, wear and tear and other types of damage.


After we have completed powder coating your alloy, we then mount it on to our CNC machine and programme in the pattern. When the Diamond Cut is finished, we then clean it again and put it into the oven with an anti-corrosive layer. The final part is an application of an acrylic-based lacquer and a curing in our oven.


If you are interested in changing the colour of your alloys, don’t be limited to standard colours. Using SMART techniques and alloy paint, we can match the paint to your perfect shade. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

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