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For repairs in Stockport, you only want to go to Alloy Repair. We have state of the art equipment and unrivalled skills and we will get the best result for you. Our experienced technicians specialise in diamond cutting, powder coating, paint spraying and welding, we can offer you advice to get the most out of your alloys. Get in touch via WhatsApp or through the contact page for a no-obligation quote.

POWDER COATING PROCESSalloy repair manchester

There are a few different steps to the alloy powder coating process, all of them important to get you the best result. Here’s a quick summary of what we do to give your alloys that fresh out of the showroom look.

  1. Before we can start to renew your alloy, we take the tyre from your wheel and give it a thorough pressure wash to make sure that all the dirt and street debris is removed and your alloy is clean.
  2. Secondly, your alloy is put into a gentle chemical solution to strip the old paint layers away and give us a clear surface to work on.
  3. Next, they are sanded to remove any kerb-damage or uneven areas – essential for the powder coating to look good.
  4. The final part of the prep is to shot-blast the wheels to remove corrosion and aid the powder particles adhesion to the surface.
  5. The powder coating is then applied using compressed air and an electrode to make sure that every single bit of the alloy is covered.
  6. The last part of the powder coating process and the alloy is put into the curing oven – this gives it a smooth and durable finish. The curing creates a long-lasting surface which resists stone chips, wear and tear, and any other damage.


To put an alloy through the diamond cut process, we have to prepare it with powder coating which is explained above. When we’ve done that, we are able to place it on the CNC machine and programme in the pattern for the diamond cut. When this has been done, we clean, cure and apply an anti-corrosive finish. To finish, we lacquer and cure it once more.


Are you struggling to get your alloys colour matched? We can do that for you. Our skilled and experienced technicians can prepare and give your alloys a fantastic finish in the colour you want by using SMART techniques. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

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