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Salford’s own Alloy Restore aims to restore your alloys back to pristine condition using state of the art equipment and years of experience. We are fast, affordable and very reliable with years of experience. Getting your alloys repaired has never been easier, get in touch with us now for expert advice by connecting with us via WhatsApp or complete the quote form below.

POWDER COATING PROCESSalloy repair manchester

The few steps to perfect powder coated alloys are all crucial for a top class result. Here’s a short explanation of what we do to give your vehicle alloys that brand-new fresh from the showroom look.

  1. The tyre is removed from the wheel first and pressure washed to clean away all of the dirt and grime which collects on the surface of the alloy.
  2. We use a specialist chemical solution to strip away the old paint layers. This provides a clear surface to work with.
  3. The next step is to remove any remaining damage and rough areas from the alloy. We then have a smooth surface.
  4. Your alloys are shot blasted to help the powder particles stick to the surface. Using compressed air and an electrode we make sure that all of the alloy is covered with the powder coating.
  5. Our last step of the treatment is to put your alloy into the curing oven. When your alloy comes out, it has a smooth and durable finish. Powder coating gives a long-lasting, reliable surface which is resistant to wear and tear and other types of road-damage. We usually check your valves and existing trims for damage and re-balance the wheel and refit it back to your vehicle.


The Diamond Cut process is carried out after the powder coating and curing. We mount it on to the CNC machine, which is used to give your alloys the diamond cut finish. After it has its smooth powder coat and two-tone diamond cut finish, your alloy is cleaned again and cured in the oven with an anti-corrosive application. Finally, we apply an acrylic-based lacquer and give it a final curing.


Alloy Restore Salford use SMART techniques and alloy paint, and we can paint the colour of your alloys to your desired colour, easily. We’re happy to advise you on repairing and improving your alloys. Contact us for further information via our quote form.

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