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At your local Alloy Restore in Rochdale, we pride ourselves on the standard of our work. We offer a high-quality level of restoration, for an affordable, fast and reliable service at a convenient price. We can refurbish your alloys to whatever colour you want, diamond-cut or just plain, it’s your choice. Get in touch with Alloy Restore Rochdale, your alloy experts.

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POWDER COATING PROCESSalloy repair manchester

The powder coating process has a few stages, all of which are important to give a professional finish to your alloys. We’ve detailed them below.

  1. Your tyre is removed from the wheel and the alloy is cleaned thoroughly with a pressure washer. This removes any dirt and debris which has accumulated.
  2. A gentle chemical solution removes old paint layers and prepares the surface.
  3. The alloy is sanded to remove any kerb-damage or rough areas. This also helps the powder coating to adhere.
  4. We shot blast the wheel to remove any remaining corrosion.
  5. Using compressed air and an electrode, we apply the powder coating. We make sure that every part of the alloy is covered with paint particles.
  6. Finally, the alloy is placed into the curing oven with an acrylic lacquer. This gives the alloy a hard and durable finish.


The diamond cut process is usually carried out after the powder coating treatment if you have booked it in. We’ve added a brief description of the process


  • Your alloy is mounted onto our CNC machine where we programme and cut your desired pattern.
  • The alloy will now have a Diamond Cut two-tone finish and the wheel will be cleaned and placed into the oven where an anti-
  • corrosive is applied.
  • Finally we will apply an acrylic based lacquer before putting it back into the oven for one final curing process.

There’s no need to be restricted in your choice of alloy colours. We can match your desired shade with our SMART technology. Get in touch to find out more via WhatsApp or our contact form.

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