Alloy Wheel Repair Oldham

Alloy Repair Oldham

Alloy Restore Oldham are a fast, affordable and reliable team of experts. We can bring your alloys back to their showroom standard glory using our state of the art techniques. Diamond cut, powder coating and wet-painted finishes. We are your local experts.
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  1. We remove your tyre from the wheel and then the alloy is pressure washed to clear away any dirt or debris. When the alloy is clean, we move to stage two.
  2. The old paint layers are stripped away with a chemical solution. This gives a base surface for us to work with.
  3. Any lumps and bumps are sanded to smooth the surface out. Any damaged sections are ground away. Having a smooth base means that the powder coating will have a great finish.
  4. Any corrosion which has been missed in the sanding is removed with a shot-blast.
  5. The powder coating is applied with compressed air and an electrode. This ensures that the powder covers every part of the alloy.
  6. The last stage is a curing with an anti-corrosive coating and then with an acrylic-based lacquer. The alloy should come out with a smoother and longer-lasting finish which protects it against stone chips and wear and tear.


After your alloys have been through the powder coating process, we then mount it onto our CNC machine and cut out the desired pattern.

The alloy will have a two-tone finish after the first stage, next it is cleaned and given an anti-corrosive finish and an acrylic-based lacquer before curing.


Why settle for the colours you have on your alloys? We can match the colour you want with our SMART techniques and alloy paint. Get in touch now through WhatsApp or our contact form.

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